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Is the ‘tick’ of ''sick'   SICK ?

Let’s explore the process of ‘sick’, own what’s ‘sick’, and become empowered by the re-creation of your new ‘sick’ label.

This is a space for you to explore what makes you ‘sick’ in all its connotations.

At ‘art-Alchemy’ I wants to share ‘the art of being an individual’.

Using creativity and installation art, together we will learn to ‘observe’ and then ‘own’ our unique ‘sick’ balance of strengths and weaknesses.

We will also ‘observe’ that balance change when we become part of a group.

New learning will be transposed to a ‘SICK’ TEEN GROUP with a different all-encompassing understanding of ‘sick’.


Naming our Strengths

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In response to this quest to owning my strengths I started art-making.

I realised that I had to identify what I considered my greatest strength to be... definitely 'Flexibility'. 

So using collage I discovered my strengths were being defined by rather tragic incidences, rather than what I thought…

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