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ARTIST: Allen Horstmanhof

contact: Allen Horstmanhof  
mobile: 0417 518 874


Allen is a sculpture living in the Byron Shire in the Northern Rivers region of NSW.  He has over the last 27 years exhibited at several of Australia’s major sculpture shows including Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi.   He regularly exhibited at the Swell Sculpture Festival among others and has a major work currently in the public domain as part of the Brunswick Nature Walk.   Over the years has won several prizes for sculpture in the region although prizes are not a major issue but rather exploring new ideas and sculpting techniques.



Reports by marine scientists indicate that an increased acidity along coral reefs is leading to bleaching.   This artwork explores what might be happening to other marine life as a result of the increased acidity of the sea water.   Taking a surreal view of the situation we have stylised reef fish swimming along blissfully unaware of the impact of acidic seas, not only on their environment, but also on their own bodies.  Perhaps it is not only fish that seem to be oblivious to the fact that things are not as they once were.



TITLE: Four Free Floating Fish 

MATERIALS:  Mixed Media (NOTE: Despite being shown  in a pond, these are not suitable for outdoor installation)

PRICE:  Large  $1050, Small $950