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ARTIST: Christopher Dean

contact:  Christopher Dean
call:  0411 600 073



Studied Fine Arts at Sydney Uni. Studied in Italy and Byron Bay under a master carver - Usama Alnassar. My passion is Marble carving using Italian Marble from Michelangelo’s Quarry in Carrara, Italy.  Set up Marble Dreaming Studio: a small carving school In Byron Shire to facilitate marble carving in Australia.  Founded the East Coast Sculpture Show which ran for 12 years and was the precursor to Sculpture by the Sea.  Run annual sculpture symposia in Byron Shire.



Christopher's theme for the past decade has been to bring to light the importance of appreciating the power and beauty of the feminine as an incubator of all creation. It is this power that Jacinda Ahern expressed in politics – nurturing and uplifting to all.  It is what is needed to bring balance back into a planet being torn apart by masculine madness.  

Much of Christopher's work is a fusion of the Madonna image (goddess) recognised almost universally, and the general form of the vulva or yoni as worshipped in Hindu culture among others. Caring for this planet starts with respecting the feminine fully.


ARTWORK 1 & 2:

Title: Masculine heart - with a sting in the tail
Medium: Marble
Price: $4000