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ARTIST: Elena Murgia

contact: Elena Murgia    
instagram: @elenamurgia


Graduating in Fashion Design at Florence University, Italy, Elena Murgia began working with ceramics in London in 2013 and relocated to Sydney in 2017 where her practice is primarily in bronze, marble and ceramics. Her sculptures are psychological portraits, inviting the viewer’s own intimate interpretation.

  • Director’s Choice gallery, TBSSS ExhibiKon, 2017;
  • First Prize Director’s Choice, TBSSS ExhibiKon, 2018,
  • “Cely Award” Scholarship, TBSSS ExhibiKon, 2019;
  • Finalist at Sculptures in the Vineyards 2020;
  • Group exhibition “Art in isolation” Clara Street Gallery October 2020;
  • Finalist at Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 20th Anniversary 2020;
  • Finalist at Sculptures in the Vineyards 2021;
  • Group exhibition “ Darlings” Curatorial & Co. December 2021.
  • Finalist at Sculptures in the Vineyards 2022;
  • Finalist at Le petit salon de sculpture 2022;
  • Finalist at Sculpture in the Garden 2023.
  • Finalist at Les Sculptures Refusèes 2023.
  • Solo exhibition Clara street Gallery 2023.



“Courage and Fear”
In my most intimate work to date, with my mother and my father’s portraits I wanted to celebrate the human, the marks people make on the world driven by their true essence, treasuring the extraordinary as well as the ordinary, finding their inner beauty. And me, their common ground. “The border between two countries, the collateral damage, the paradox that joins the two but also splits them apart” Rupi Kaur.

ARTWORK 1a & b:

Title: “Fear”
Year: 2019
Medium: Bronze, old black patina
Edition: 4/6
Dimensions: H20cm W15cm D15cm
Price: $3800 each or $7200 for the pair


Title: “Courage”
Year: 2019
Medium: Bronze, Silver nitrate patina or White patina
Edition: 4/6
Price: $3800


Medium: Patinate plaster
Dimensions: 37x37x14 cm

Price: $1500