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"Colour my world" explored the colour I see myself today and the effect that has on the colour I might see myself when change has been embraced.


Constructing my World

Observing how we create our world.

How we add  and change things in a space, changes how others will experience that same space, and how we behave in that same space.

Loading our Backpack

Understanding the our unique skills and how we have learned to adapt to change.

Loading our Backpack


“Stepping Out.”

-  Recognise existing skills- Resilience

-  Learned that there are pitfalls along the way

- Assessed new skills you may need to Embrace the New-

- Asking for help



How we create our world"

These images I've selected are of the business "art-Alchemy"  that I'm creating as a creative healing centre.

They represent the places that I feel safe, like looking through the leadlight door of the Art Therapy Studio.

What is it that makes our world seem safe?

For me it is having connection to open spaces and provides shelter from the elements.

What does it look like?

I have created a connection to the outdoors. To me that feels safe, but it also provides an ordered structure that makes me feel in control of my outside world.

What happens when we share that knowledge? Does that change how it feels for you?

Being able to create a space to share with others, I started to question whether the other people would like it. Would they feel "safe" being connected to the outdoors?...

the inner critic of doubt crept in...

The answer of course is that some will and others wont.

In creating "MY" Art Therapy Studio to share with others, I  have made conscious choices that seem right for me at this time.  Sharing that means some people will like it and others wont... and recognising that is all part of the human condition.

Constructing my World