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ARTIST: Georgi Milln

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Georgi Milln is an emerging contemporary Australian artist, (born 1971) located in Clunes in regional New South Wales. She has exhibited in regional and local galleries. Her work aims to activate questions relating to what it means to be human in a contemporary world. Her work brings together material and conceptual ideas to locate its own terms, limits, and boundaries. In this way the work makes her as she makes it.



In the whimsical realm of art, we ponder the age-old conundrum: is the art statement the real masterpiece? Picture this: an artist spends countless hours meticulously crafting an elaborate statement, only to unveil a blank canvas. The statement, a masterpiece of linguistic acrobatics, dances across the page, leaving spectators awestruck at the sheer audacity of nothingness. The canvas, a mere prop in this grand performance, takes a backseat to the eloquent prose that precedes it. It's a daring exploration of the paradoxical universe where words outshine the visual, where the canvas is but a supporting actor in the drama of artistic verbosity. In this surreal comedy, we question if the real art is the statement about the art, and the canvas, a mere silent spectator to the
linguistic spectacle. Perhaps, in this topsy-turvy world, the punchline lies in the realization that sometimes, the statement steals the show, leaving the art to play the role of the understated sidekick.


ARTWORK 1,2,3:

Title: Don’t worry about the silence #2 series.
Medium: Copper, patina, repurposed wood.
Dimensions: variable
Price: $80 each. Entire work $400