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ARTIST: Georgina Guinness

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My love of creativity and paint has existed since I was a child. I am at my happiest when I’m totally absorbed in the moment of creativity. I meet Nicki at the age of 14 while both at boarding school where we were both creatively involved.

Life’s journeys have a way of winding in all directions. With each wind we absorb parts of those experiences to become the person we are in the present. In 2021 and 2022 I undertook a Diploma in Visual  Arts. People could not understand why I was doing it at my age but I believe it was what I was meant to do. These 2 paintings are from my time at Murwillambah Tafe a time of lock downs and COVID. I would like to thank the many special teachers.



With the two paintings displayed today a Self Portrait titled ‘In the time of COVID' I am depicted as a plank expressioned face, pale from a lack of sun staring out through my plants which help to shield me from the alien outside world and keep me immersed in reality and hopefully lucky as they are lucky plants. The blue butterflies signify my mother’s constant presence in my life in spirit. It is an acknowledgement of who formed me and made me. The Cat Mask signifies COVID or fear of death. It is my quizzical analytical mind trying to make sense of a non sensical situation. I had just got back to Australia 3 days before all the boarders shut. I awoke from my days of jet lag to find the world had shut down.

In my second painting ‘ Through The Window Is Hope and Love’ is of an image of Salvador Dali staring through the  window of his holiday home in Cadaques Catalonia Spain. A place I visited in June 2010. Taking these images and at the time the egg and its meaning had a special significance for me.

Dali is depicted with starring eyes and perhaps a touch of insanity or genius. Dali stares at the Egg which symbolises hope and love. Dali and his wife Gala believe the egg symbolised hope and love and new life.

I believe we all hope and still love. It has been written that humans ability to hope is one of the things that differentiate us from other species.