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ARTIST: Lisa Argenton

contact: Lisa Argenton
Mobile: 0413 707 642
Instagram: @argentondesign and @Lee_and_Green



Lisa a has been a Jewellery designer and manufacturer for most of her adult life, starting her own brand in 2001 Argenton Design, which has been going strong over the years, whilst raising 3 children, with her supportive partner Jamie.
Born in South Africa of Dutch, Scottish and Italian heritage, Lisa moved to Australia when she was 10, having roots all over the world, Lisa felt she wasn’t sure where she belonged, but this year has been a very spacial year, as she felt a very deep connection with this sacred land, with her beautiful paper bark trees, ghost gums and amazing water ways.
Lisa is not  a formally trained artist, but  has started to delve back into ceramics, painting and photography over the last 3 years, figurative sculpture is what sets her heart on fire. These works have been created by the guidance of the talented Kat Shapirowood and Antoinette O’ Brian at the Byron School to Art.



"Memento Mori" is a work of art that invites viewers into a contemplative space, urging them to reflect on the transient nature
of life, elements rich in symbolism, have been woven together that evoke both beauty and the inevitability of mortality.
Bones crafted lovingly out of earth are a reminder that we all die and we all are returned back to the earth. A Cecropia Moth symbolise transformation, vulnerability, death, and the search for light.

A lotus Flower symbolises strength, resilience, and rebirth. Morning Glories symbolise love, affection and impermanence. Flannel flowers symbolise purity Cosmos flowers symbolise joy in love and in life.

The birds take centre stage, their wings forming an intricate embrace in the shape of a love heart, and symbolise the duality of life and death, suggesting that even in the face of mortality, there exists a certain grace, continuity and eternal love Gold is used to symbolise the thread of Devine light, that binds and
connects us, and resides in all living things..

Ultimately it’s our ability to celebrate life and death in ceremony, all the stories and beliefs we imagine to be true, and the fact that we are born and will one day die that makes us human.



Title: Memento Mori Necklaces

1. Horizontal Bone Necklace $390 9ct Yellow Gold and handmade Porcelain bone pendant on a 50cm 9ct gold cable chain

2. Vertical Bone Necklace $180 9ct Yellow Gold and handmade Porcelain bone pendant on a 50cm Sterling silver cable chain



Title: Memento Mori
Medium: Ceramic, Wood, Acrylic Paint
Price: $2,650



Title: The Deer Mother
Medium: Ironstone clay, underglaze, acrylic paint
Price: $1,150

The Deer Mother, revered spiritual figure, Queen of the Forest and
woodland creatures, she is associated with fertility, motherhood,
regeneration and the rebirth of the sun.
Since the early Neolithic period, when the Earth was colder and
reindeer were abundant, the female reindeer held a special place in
the reverence of the world. Recognised as the "life-giving mother"
and leader of herds essential for survival, she guided people
through the challenges of life.


Title: The Deer Mothers son
Medium: Ironstone clay, underglaze, acrylic paint
Price: $340

A woodland prince, proud of his origins, expresses a deep reverence for his mother and the earth.