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ARTIST: Liz Marshall

contact: Liz Marshall
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Born in UK, French father, Irish mother.
Arrived in Sydney Australia 1973.
Based in Byron Bay.

Art practice includes:
• Painting in oils, acrylic, encaustic - Dominique Sutton (Atelier).
• Painting - Tim Allen and Rene Bolten
• Pastel drawing - Judy Drewe and Cilla Campbell
• Lino printing - Cilla Campbell

2015, 2016 Group Show, The Incinerator Art Space, Willoughby Sydney
2010 Group Show, Chateau de Lantuejouls, France.




As an emerging artist, Liz’s inspiration is drawn from her surroundings. This includes observing the works, styles and applications of others, as well as working en plein air.
Liz often begins with charcoal sketches, which offer fluidity and freedom. Then attraction of watercolour comes next. This technique demands a certain deftness, very useful when working outdoors. To move onto canvas and oils completes the circle and challenge. It is then that the creative juices flow and the internal film unwinds.

Liz thanks Dominique Sutton for her teaching skills and support. Liz is also attracted to the skill and versatility of Australian Artist Nicolas Harding.



Title: Tallow Beach from Ti-Tree Lake
Medium: Oil on canvas
Price: $300


Title: Wetlands towards Tallow Beach
Medium: Oil on canvas
Price: $250