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Praise for "The Bird In Me" exhibition

Stepping into the Alchemy of your work Nikki was engaging and inspiring - fine delicacy to soaring power. From the gallery you have constructed to house your work to the exquisite fragility of your spun metal birds - in intimate nooks, marble winged or suspended mobiles of flight. We were amazed at your achievement Nikki! ."

Jeanette and Volker

"Nicola's "The Bird In Me" exhibition is a witty, poetic and insightful look at humanity in reflection of the way in which birds behave. Her artwork is strikingly powerful and diverse in it's method of production, from rich earth inspired oil colours on canvas, through to playful mobiles made from woven steel and the shadows cast. A must see this October to shake off the winter blues and celebrate humanity and nature."

Bec Andrews

"So proud of you Nicola and everything you have achieved. Vision seen through into fruition. Such an amazing addition to the art scene here too! Will tell more people about it. Best new artists run gallery in town"

Cassandra Scott-Fin

"This generous and innovative approach to sharing art by making it so accessible to the community is a great idea. By paying a small entry fee, I felt relaxed and confident to spend whatever time I chose in the beautiful creative spaces Nicky has created inside and out. I felt less pressure to buy or make arty comments and freer to really engage with the works and the surroundings they are placed in."


Preview the Gallery space and part of the previous exhibition...  "The Bird in Me"

Greeting the space at art-Alchemy...