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ARTIST: Tony Adams

contact: Tony Adams
mobile: 0433 906 752


Tony Adams, a sculptor hailing from Newee Creek, NSW, is a masterful creator whose artistic journey has unfolded across prestigious institutions and dynamic exhibitions. With a Master's in Fine Art from Monash University and a rich educational background from institutions like the Victorian College of Art and the National Art School, Adams' expertise is as diverse as his artistic expression.

Adams' sculptural prowess shines through numerous exhibitions, including the award-winning "Up Shit Creek" collaboration and the large-scale marvel "Insekten Hotel" series. His work extends beyond traditional galleries, infiltrating public spaces like McDonald’s drive-throughs and outdoor sculpture exhibitions. Adams has earned recognition, not only as a skilled artist but also as a judge for the Glamping Design Project and through commissions like the Melbourne Now project.

His collaborative efforts with the Slow Art Collective have birthed innovative installations, performances, and workshops, showcasing a commitment to sustainable art and community engagement. Tony Adams' sculptures, installations, and collaborative ventures form a compelling narrative of creativity, pushing boundaries and challenging perceptions in the ever-evolving world of contemporary art.



In my journey as an environmental artist, I immerse myself in the intricacies of site-specific creation, responding keenly to the nuances of my immediate environment. My artistic expression, often ephemeral and temporary, is a deliberate dance with the impermanence of nature. Mindful of my ecological footprint, I navigate urban landscapes, gleaning inspiration from overlooked elements.

This photographic series is a testament to my exploration of urban realms, capturing hatches and entrances that transcend mere infrastructure. These portals, gateways to subterranean spaces, unfold as more than utilitarian structures; they become integral components of a larger ecosystem. Each image encapsulates the symbiosis between man-made constructs and the natural world, inviting viewers to contemplate the interplay between urban development and environmental harmony. Through my lens, these overlooked openings emerge as conduits not just to underground worlds, but to a deeper understanding of our interconnectedness with the environments we inhabit.


Title: Prahran Portal I, 2 and 3
Medium: photographs
Price: $75 unframed (each)