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Dr Caitlin Street: Transitioning loss through journalling and publication


"Grieving is seen as the hardest emotional state to manage.

It is a state where our whole Being is awash with complex and difficult feelings. 

Expressing and recording our thoughts and feelings can assist in dealing with the reality of our loss." (Dr Caitlin Street )


In this workshop, Dr Caitlin Street discusses how we can learn from, and mark the importance of our loss using digital self-publishing to make a memorial to our loved-one, and a marker to ourselves.  It will explore how we can use our own words and photos to reflect upon the emotional spaces that emerge from preparing personal writings and images for a glossy custom printed rememberance book.  

"While the how to’s of editing and custom printing are important skills, the space of the production is the space of growth." (Dr Caitlin Street )


Dr Caitlin Street is a student of learning from non-conscious thinking, insight and wisdom.  She is an multi-award winning artist with numerous solo and group exhibitions and has almost twenty years of professional digital imaging experience.



Caitlin Street Bruny Island

Caitlin Street "Bruny Island"