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Lead Slippers to art-Alchemy

 ... transitioning loss through creativity


art-Alchemy provides people with a way to move through a loss and restore equanimity. By using the creative processes within this nurturing environment of art-Alchemy's arts therapy practice at it's Creative Healing Centre at Newrybar, clients will learn to become more conscious of how each of us create our individually-specific, aesthetic (or 'lived') environment that are tailor-made to house our emotional condition.

Experiences change our perspective on life and how we interpret our world.

Whether it’s a relationship change, the sickness or death of a loved one, or looking at one's own mortality, moving house or changing a job, or questioning our identity, some form of loss is involved.  These losses reduce our capacity to function as we had before, requiring new approaches and learning to navigate these changes and our new circumstances.

If this reduction in functioning persists, its distortions become visible in how we arrange our living and working spaces, and how we respond to them. To restore equilibrium, requires a safe, non-judgmental and spiritual space to use this creativity process for reflection, acknowledgement, and then finding your way to engage with this new situation that has presented itself.