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ARTIST: Rebecca Andrews

contact: Bec Andrews     
mobile: 0417 0417 88
instagram: @itsabec


Short Biography

Innately creative, Rebecca Andrews has spent the best part of 40+ years painting her best life, one brushstroke at a time. Successfully running her Art and Graphic Design studio “itsabec” for two decades, as she skillfully balanced mum-life with a creative one.

An emotionally traumatic upbringing saw Rebecca immersed within creative expression as an escape, her independence and determination blossoming. At just 22, Rebecca had her first solo art exhibition. Talent and dedication saw her sell and win many commissions whilst exhibiting weekly at popular local markets and galleries with gaining national and international collectors .

While the birth of Rebecca’s first son in 2005, and her second son a decade later in 2015, (both deemed her most amazing creations yet), Rebecca is quick to acknowledge that making empowering artworks to inspire humanity is her soul’s purpose.


Artists Statement

Rebecca Andrews creates uniquely inspiring art. Oozing colour and playful texture with intricate layered details to convey a rich substance, emerging boldly beyond the superficial. Rebecca’s artwork conjures emotions and exudes an infectious energy. Whether cheekily whimsical, or soulfully heartfelt, she exemplifies the beauty of pure expression and inspires women to celebrate their authentic uniqueness with confidence.

Rebecca thrives on colour and tonal depth – from the mysterious dark shadows through to light radiating spaces. Her works embody true character and distinct style, often wildly interwoven with nature.

Renovating has seen Rebecca emerge as a talented muralist. Her home transforming into a live-in art installation. Each room evokes joyful, heart skipping moments or nurturing warm hugs, as walls, ceilings and furniture have befallen the 'itsabec' touch. Ordinary spaces becoming an inspiring sanctuary.



Title: Secret Garden Mural
Medium: Acrylic paints
Size: 5000mm tall x 1565mm wide
Price: On Application. All murals are hand-painted and customised to suit the clients style, space and budget.


Title: Power in Pain
Medium: Oil and Acrylic paints
Size: 400mm x 500mm
Price: $400


Title: She wears flowers in her hair and butterflies on her nose
Medium: Oil and Acrylic paints
Size: 400mm x 500mm
Price: $400